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  Chungbu Market
Chungbu market is located in the center of Seoul mainly selling dried [kippered] fish....
Dongdaemun Generalization Market
Located at Dongdaemun where there are more than 3,700 stores selling everything you could possibly need. Ideal for clothes. ...
Dongwha Market
Dongwha Market is located at the rear of the Pyeonghwa Market and there about 830 stores inside. Dongwha market is famous for labels, buttons, zippers...
Gangnam Terminal Wedding Shop
Gwangjang Market
Kwangjang market began over 100 years ago. You can buy Hanbok(Korean traditional clothing), silks and satins, (textile)fabrics, women's clothes, curta...
Gyeongdong Yaknyeong Market
This 41 year old market is the ideal place for herbal medicine. ...
Itaewon - the place for leather
There are over 1,000 leather stores in Itaewon selling bags, jackets, belts and even suits. ...
Itaewon-The ideal place to find those larger sizes
If you're finding it difficult to squeeze into the average Korean sizes (shoes or clothes) then Itaewon is the answer. Several years ago a basketball ...
Kwanghee Market
Kwanghee market is made up of 3 aboveground floors and one underground floor. The second floor is very special and well known because world-famous hig...
Namdaemun Market
Namdaemun Market is the largest and best general wholesale market in Korea. It is well-known for selling virtually every product imaginable, including...
Pyeonghwa Market
Located close to Dongdaemun market selling clothes, suits, sports gear, hats and much more. ...

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