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Seoul has central part of Korean education and culture since Choseon period.

There are 63 museums such as National museum and Korean Folks village. 12 different art galleries and cultural center as The National Theater, Sejong Cultural Theater, Seoul Arts Center. The variety of theaters are clustered in Daehakno in DongSungDong, and other parts are located in ShinChon in west gate district.

34% of Art museums and picture galleries are mainly located in Insadong and Jongno since 1980s. Other commercializing galleries newly opened in Chungdamdong and Apgujeongdong in Gamnam area.
40% fo the Cultural establishments are in Jongno, however lots of them are moving to Gangnam and Seocho.

French cultural institution is on the street by Samchungdong near Gyeongbok palace and art galleries are around Jongno and Unidong, wonseodong are famous area for the small and large theaters and Fine art galleries. There are many old movie theaters such as DanSeongSa, Picadili,
Hollywood and Seoul Theater in Jongno 3-ga and 4-ga.

149 pieces of national treasures are kept in Seoul SungLyeMun and Wongak stone pagoda. 491 pieces of treasures are in Seoul HeungInJimun and Seoul DongMyo. 63 historical relics like Seoul castle, Changduk palace and MongChon mud wall, 11 natural monuments like, an Oriental arborvitae; a thuja in Backsong and Samchungdong. 33 pieces of an important intangible cultural heritage such as the Royal Ancestors'[Ancestral] Shrine memorial services and BukChung Lion Play are all in Seoul.

Seoul has so many heritages and important cultural assets so Seoul can be called as a warehouse of treasures.

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