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Seoul was the main city of politic and still is an unique and original city compared to any other cities.

The main key political regulation would be the Provincial self government. Seoul city government and other district offices compose the total politic in Korea.

The Ministry of Home Affairs was promoted to the Prime minister in 1962. However, since the municipal assembly was composed in 1991, all the political issues were controlled by The Ministry of Home Affairs. In 1991, 132 members of assembly were selected and in 1995, self election in each parties started for the first time. The 31st mayor of Seoul, Gogun was elected in June, 1998 and he is pursuing his 4 years of sentence. 25 chiefs of district were also elected.

Blue house in Samchungdong and the Integrated Government Building in Sejongno, the constitutional court in Angukdong, the national assembly in Yeouido, the capitol building, judicial court and many other important institution are located closed to each others. Foreigner institution buildings are located in Gangnam and Hannamdong.

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