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  Korean Folk Village
The Korean Folk Village opened on 3rd October, 1974, as an open-air folk museum and international tourist attraction for both Korean and foreign visit...
  Sejong Center for the Performing Arts
Established in 1961, Sejong Center for the Performing Arts has cultivated the barren soil of culture in Korea, and for the past 40 years, it has striv...
  The National (Classical) Music Institute
The National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts is an organization which began more than 1400 years ago. Its forerunners can be traced back...
  The National Theater of Korea
The National Theater is a subsidiary of the Ministry of Culture & Tourism. Principles of operation are based on 'Organization of Ministry of Culture &...

Chongdong Theater
Established in 1995, Chongdong Theater has developed various art & culture programs under the three principles of its founding: re-discovery and devel...
SamcheongGak is one of the most remarkable cultural experience places for performance in Korea. Situated in a pristine natural setting, yet only minut...
Seoul Intangible Cultural Asset Instruction Hall
Performing and teaching Korean traditional Talchum and Pansori. ...
Seoul Play Garden
Performances of Talchum and Samulnoli on a wide stage which can be viewed from all angles. ...

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