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  LG Art Center
LG Arts Center, located in the heart of Kangnam-gu, is a future-oriented space designed to accommodate diverse fields of performing arts. It is equi...
  Sejong Center for the Performing Arts
Located in the Gwanghwamun district, the heart of Seoul, the venue acts as a tranquil resting place from the dreary urban streets with its grandeur ap...
Sejong Center for the Performing Arts, The Grand Theater
The Grand Theater is THE major music hall at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. The theater¡¯s maximum seating capacity is 3,822, and holds th...
  The National Theater of Korea
The National Theater is a subsidiary of Ministry of Culture & Tourism. Principles of operation are based on the 'Organization of Ministry of Culture &...

Kumho Art Hall
Kumho Art Hall opens for Classic music in Gwanghwamun. The concert hall was planned for chamber orchestra with 315 seats. Also comfortable players w...
600th Anniversary Memorial Hall
In celebration of the 600th anniversary the Memorial Hall was built in the grounds of Cnfucious studies. The building houses the University Museum, an...
Daehakno Live Theater
The theater is run by the 'Live Club co.,LTD'. It has over 250 seats from which you can enjoy all kinds of music. ...
Daehakno Poly Media Theater
Daehakno Poly Media Theater is a stage which accomodates live bands. Many famous singers have held concerts here ...
Hoam Art Hall
The Hoam Art Hall is located in the Jungang Ilbo Building downtown with an auditorium and rest rooms that are comfortable and spacious. The stage is ...
Seoul Arts Center, Concert Hall
Concert Hall The Seoul Arts Center Concert Hall is an exclusive theater for music with an arena stage designed for world-class performances. The ha...
Seoul Arts Center,Opera Theater
The Opera Theater is harmonized the modern auditorium with 2,278 seats, of the purple and golden colored-interior, and the classical house's hoof-styl...

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