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Driving a car as you travel around Korea sounds like a great idea.   However, traveling on you foot can be better especially when you are going to see downtowns in Seoul.

Taking a walk inside Seoul can give you more please that you would have missed if you took a car.   You can take you time as slow as you want and find interesting sites and culture spread around Seoul.   There are old palaces with mossy stone fence telling how old it is, museums of various historical remains, art galleries and even modern malls.   

When your legs get tired from walking, you are welcomed to try the subway.   It takes you anywhere in Seoul.

Seoul City Tour Bus is also a very useful way for foreign tourists to travel in Seoul.   It takes you to famous tour sites in the city and introduce you about Korean history and culture.    They also provide explanation about famous tour sites to passengers in the bus.

If you are interested in art, there is an art gallery bus that runs around famous modern art galleries.   Because most of the art galleries are located within Insa-dong and Pyeongchang-dong, the route that the bus goes is limited.   However, Insa-dong and Pyeongchang-dong are more than enough to give you a good time for your trip.   There are many things to see in them.

Finally, you can travel with guild from travel agency accompanied.   You might not be as free as traveling by yourself, but you can feel more comfortable and safe because expert guides you can speak foreign language will be with you.

There are many ways to get fun in Seoul.   City tour in Seoul, Its definitely worth trying all of the ways as you travel this wonderful city in Korea.

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