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Walking Tour, Course 1
Started from line no. 5 Gwanghwamun station ...
Walking Tour, Course 2
Started from line no. 1 City Hall station...
Walking Tour, Course 3
Started from line no. 1 Jonggak station. Get off at Subway line no. 4 at HoeHyeon station, line no. 1 at Seoul station...
Walking Tour, Course 4
Started from line no. 4 Hoehyeon station. Get off at Hoehyeon station of line no. 4....

Walking Tour, the Best Choice to look around Seoul

There is a way to look around Seoul, the biggest city in Korea, using only 4 hours in the morning and afternoon on foot. Walking tour, which allows you to visit only the great places, actual streets, shopping malls. But you should not stay too long at one place because there are many other places left to see that'll catch your attention.

Course 1
Get off at line 5 Gwanghwamun station¡æKoybo book center (the biggest book store in Seoul)¡æSejong Cultural Center (representative performance hall)¡æGovernment complex (place where important administration are completed)¡æThe national museum of Korea(you can see Korea's 500 years of history and remains)¡æGyeongbok-gung(the best palace of Joseon period)¡æCheongwadae (Blue house)¡æChamcheong park (natural place within the city where you can find mineral water fountain)

Course 2   
Get off at line 1 or 2 City hall station¡æSeoul publicity hall(you can get information on 600 years history)¡æDeoksu-gung(a palace of Joseon period)¡æDeoksu-gung stone wall street(promenade with trees on both sides)¡æChongdong church (a church established in 1885)¡æChongdong theater (theater be held Korean traditional performance regularly)¡æThe protestant episcopal church(Romanesk style stone building)

Course 3
Get off at line 4 Hoehyeon station¡æNamdaemun(south gate of national treasure no. 1)¡æNamdaemun market(the biggest shopping place in Seoul)¡æThe bank of Korea(Central bank in Korea established in 1950)¡æMyeong-dong Catholic church¡æNamsangol hanok(Korean style house) village(home museum)

Course 4   
Get off at line 1 Jonggak station¡æBoshingak(place where the celebration bell is rang for new year)¡æJogyesa (Temple)¡æInsa-dong(cultural place where old galleries and antique shops can be seen)¡æTopgol park(National treasure no. 2 Wongaksaji 10 layer stone tower and octagonal pavilion)¡æUnhyeon-gung (the house of Joseon king Gojong's father, Lee Ha Ung)¡æJongmyo(where the ceremony for former lips and queens take place)¡æChangdeok-gung¡¤Biwon (palace and back garden)

Course 5
Get off at line 4 Hyehwa station¡æChanggyeong-gung(a palace of Joseon period)¡æSungkyungwan and Jonkyunggak in Sungkyungwan Univ.(University in Joseon period established in 1398)¡æMarronnier park(various play, events)¡æSeoul Seonggwak¡æDongdaemun(east gate of no. 1 National Treasure)¡æDongdaemun market(shopping place of newest fashion)

Walking Tour, Course 5

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