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Shopping and Entertainment - Jamshil

Lotte World Adventure is one of the biggest theme parks in the world. The Lotte Department Store and The Lotte Hotel are located alongside. Olympic park, and Jamshil playground, where there are baseball games and cycling races, are nearby. The `Seokchon Hosu` lake where many walk is also in the vicinity.

Lotte World can be seen from The Seokchon lake, and view at night is beautiful. At the moment the magic island of Lotte World Adventure around the lake is decorated like a fairly tale.

The word, Seokchon means the village where there are many stones. The Cheong army transported stones here to make their military campsite during the Byeongja Horan war in ancient Korea. Today many houses and apartment blocks stand here alongside the ancient tomb of Baekje.

Songpa is one stop from Seokchon.   Songpa was historically famous for the ferry that brought goods from 3 provinces in south. It was a key location for the transportation of goods in The Joseon Period.   At this time it was really a village surrounding the river and amid dense forest.   The word Songpa comes from hill with green pine trees.

Free performances of traditional arts such as The Korean Traditional Mask Dance take place in the open air around the lake of Seokchon.   The shopping center located in the basement sells groceries and clothing, and many fashion stores nearby are crowded with young people. Throughout Sincheon restaurants, bistros, music stores, and various indoor games complexes are enjoyed by many of various ages.

If you go up in the direction of Gangnam from Jamshil, you will be in Samseong-dong. Samseong-dong has the main branch of The Hyundai Department store, The Korea Trade center, and many high class hotels.

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