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Teheran Street

There are an abundance of restaurants on Teheran street, with some open 24 hours a day.

Teheran street is called Korean Silicon Valley. It seems to guarantee richness to the many venture enterprises that inhabit the area. The enterprises work non-stop, so the restaurants are a necessity.

The restaurants located on the first floor of LG Gangnam Tower in Yeoksam station are very popular. They fuse contemporary culture with Oriental mystery.   Each restaurant has an ambiance. Up Down Dinner is an American style cafe   Silk Spices is purely Oriental, and there is a traditional
Korean restaurant called Sarangchae as well as a Chinese restaurant called Cathay Ho.

Another Chinese restaurant called Geumryong is operated by Sheraton Walker hill Hotel. It serves Gwangdong style dishes. There are 130 dishes on offer.

The Posco center, located on the 19th floor, is operated by Hilton Hotel. It is famous for high quality meals and good service.   The center has 5 specialty restaurants: Chinese, Italian, Japanese, Pop, and a Bar lounge.

At night a Western style restaurant near Gangnam station is the venue for many young people to come together. In the area of Seolleung station (line 2) there are many motels and inns suitable for tourists lodgings due to the low prices of 20,000 ~ 30.000 Won.

The COEX Mall, inside of KOTRA, located in The Samseong station (line 2) exhibits Korean products, and organizes many international exhibitions and expositions.

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