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Covan International
At many conventions, the gathering place for people of diverse nationalities and cultures, there are more difficulties than one could imagine. Covan w...
Ioconvex Inc.
IOCONVEX Inc. is a professional conference and exhibition management company based in Seoul. IOCONVEX was established in 1998 with the sole purpose ...
Korea Convention Service
Contact Point Section Chief: Kim, Hae Ra Tel 3476-7711 ...
Seoul Convention Service
Seoul Convention Service received the title of "Best Professional Organizer in Korea (2001)" by the Korea Times. It was recognized for its expertise i...

ShinHo Gihoek Co.
Our aim is to exhibit your business to power-buyers and present it effectively to the market. We can work alongside your own ideas and offer advice to...
Sigong Tech
Time & Space Tech with its 180 experts in planning, design, management, model production, video production, computer graphics, and system engineering,...

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