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Kimchi, The Harmony of Five Colors and Five Tastes

Kimchi is an everyday traditional Korean dish. Kimchi is made from the vegetables of the season, the ingredients of which grow on land such as Chinese cabbage, Chinese radish, onion, hot chili powder and garlic, and are usually mixed with salted shrimp or anchovy.

Chinese cabbage is often used raw in salads, or cooked in soup, although in its fermented state it is called Kimchi.

The taste of Kimchi is said to be a little like a soup and a little like a salad, and is renowned worldwide. There are proteins, amino acids and fibre in Kimchi, giving it an anti-cancer effect and helping slow aging.

There are many different styles of Kimchi. Instead of Chinese cabbage, radishes cut in square shapes can be used, or cucumber to make watery Kimchi. It can be mixed with Tofu (Bean Curd) or with cooked pork, which is called Bossam Kimchi.
Kimchi is not just a simple food, it has a taste that has been passed down from generation to generation, and it should be eaten carefully and slowly enjoy the taste.


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