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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Samgyetang (Ginseng chicken soup)

Food Which Gives Full of Energy-
Samgaetang (Ginseng Chicken Broth)

Four seasons are clearly different in Korea. That is one of the reason that Korean seasonal food is so developed compared to other countries.

The most favored foods in Summer is SamGaeTang (Ginseng Chicken Broth). Samgaetang is basically boiling the Chick, Ginseng, Chinese date, glutinous rice with some herbal medicine. It has many nutritive sources and that gives full of energy. That is why SamGaeTang is so famous as a Summer favorite food.

First of all, remove all the insides from a chicken and clean. Then put Ginseng, Chinese date, glutinous rice and some herbal medicine inside of chicken and sew. Finally boil it for long time and enjoy with little bit of salt and pepper. Ginseng and herbal medicines combine with chicken and other ingredient, and that creates excellent taste.

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