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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Tteokguk (A soup of slices rice cake), Tteokbokki (Boiled rice cake with sweet sauce & vegetables)
The Spicy- Sweet Taste of Korea, Shindang-dong Tteokbok-ggi
In Korean traditional cooking there is something called rice cake. The rice cake is made by pressing steamed rice toget...
Koreans always associate special holidays and festivals with special food. This is called 'Sesi' food. Tteokguk is the...

New Year¡¯s Food,
Tteokguk (Rice-cake Soup)

Tteokguk is a typical traditional New year¡¯s food in Korea. Other wise, Tteokguk is the first meal of the year. Eating Tteokguk early in the of new year¡¯s morning also means wishing the healthy and good new year. And that custom has been transmitted from old times until now.

A Meaning of Tteokguk

Every Korean holidays have all different kinds foods. These food is, so called the food of times and seasons. Tteokguk is one of the example and it represents New Year¡¯s food.
A Korean proverb says since long long times ago, ¡°Every time you eat Tteokguk, you get one year older.¡±. This simply means that everyone is eating this food in New Year¡¯s morning and how Tteokguk is universal among Korean population.
Main ingredient of Tteokguk, which is long and white rice cake signifies a long healthy life.

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