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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Tteok (Traditional rice cake)
The Spicy- Sweet Taste of Korea, Shindang-dong Tteokbok-ggi
In Korean traditional cooking there is called rice cake. Pressing steamed rice together makes the rice cake. To this ric...
Tteokguk is a typical traditional New years food in Korea. Other wise, Tteokguk is the first meal of the year. Eating ...

On a Special day, Special Food, Tteok (Rice cake)

There are specific seasonal food in Korea. Tteok is one of the official food on every holidays.

The origin of Tteok
Some of main materials such as rice steamer and grinding stone were found as remains. This proves that Tteok was made since very early time.
Tteok was started to expand from the rice agriculture in the period of three Kingdoms. It became universal foods in Sinla period. Then during the Goryeo period, people was influenced by Buddhism and start to avoid eating meat and fish. Tteok took major place in food industry since then. The method of making Tteok was developing and new recipe was invented.

The technology of agriculture and the cuisine was so developed in Joseon period. Therefore, the many variety of Tteok was expanding quickly across the country. People start to combine other grains and fruit, flowers, herbs and even herbal medicine was used in various ways to give more colors and flavors.

Variety of Tteok
There are four major divisions in Tteok recipe, which are steam, smack, stuffing and fried. Steam Tteok is mostly made with grain brew and boiled with some powdered bean, sesame and peas on the top of it. Smack Tteok usually boiled in chunk of grain and smashed when its cooked. GalaeTteok and Ingeolmi are good examples of these kinds.

Sticky rice mostly used to make dough of rice cakes for stuffing Tteok. People make dough first and steam it, or stuff with some powdered bean, sesame or peas and steam it. There are different kinds of Tteok depending on method of cooking. SongPyeon is one of kinds of stuffing Tteok. Danja is usually covered with seasoning powders in steamed rice cakes. Gyeogdan is another example of a rice cake dumpling covered with bean paste. Lastly, BindaeTteok and Jeonbyeong are popular among fried Tteok.

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