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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Jangeo-yori (Eel broiled with a sweet & tangy sauce)

Broiled Eels, a Lump of Nutrients for People of All Ages,
Men and Women

Broiled eels is highly qualified nutritive food, especially when you feel weak, lack of energy and losing of concentration for students. This food can reinforce and strengthen your body.

Broiled Eels, Popular in Summer

This is one of the most favored food during the hot season. Eels contain lot of Vitamin A, which can be easily lost with heat. Broiled eels can be used for energizer, anti-wrinkles, resilience for skin and many more. Eels is high-protein food, however, there are no effect on geriatric diseases such as high blood pressure, and hardening of the arteries (arteriosclerosis). That is why broiled eels are so popular through all the generations.

Choosing Eels

30~50cm lengthen eels are best. Also it is better to consume with bones, so it is efficacious. Because, eels store all the nutrients in its organs for fertilization. Therefore, it is best to consume eels during the summer and eat the whole thing.

Effects of Eels

Eels was used for nonofficial and official medicine from the earliest time. The effects of eels were published in Korean medical book, Donguibogam. There are four major effective nesses. First, resilience for skin and arteries, also internal organs by keeping hydrated. Second, anti-aging by making cell younger. Third, prevent and cure hardening of the arteries. Lastly, elevate the healthiness by absorbing protein. Therefore, eels is a total nutrient.

Nutritional value of Eels

Eels contains many important sources for body, such as mineral, calcium and phosphorus which can be helpful for articular (joint) rheumatism. It also has iron which is good for preventing anemia, vitamin B2 for diabetes, vitamin C for anti virus, vitamin B1 for releasing stress and vitamin A for regaining eyesight. Also, it provide vitamin E for circular system of blood vessel, unsaturated-fat and carbohydrate as main source of energy. There are many more helpful nutrients for body.

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