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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Haemul-tang (Seafoods soup)

Haemultang is Included Variety of Seafood

Haemultang IS seafood

With a mild taste and light spot on the senses; Haemultang is a low calorie and high protein rich food. And with its variety of fresh seafood, this soup-based dish is just so tasty.

The taste of Haemultang
Every part of the sea gives the dish a special flavor with shellfish, shrimp, crab and so on making it truly heavenly.

Shellfish and shrimp are always solid participants for Korean soups and the crab adds its own version of sweetness and spice making people admire the cacophony of tastes Haemultang offers. In some restaurants, chefs even prepare it with 30 ~ 40 different types of seafood.

Method of eating

When you eat the Haemultang, be sure to eat the vegetables and seafood with a dash of hot mustard to give it that extra kick.

Method of cooking

If you dare try this at home, make sure your seafood is super fresh, i.e., you might want to wash each and every clam individually and with care.   Shellfish need to excrete their silt and clay for a long time, otherwise you might have some unpleasant offerings in your final product. Also, make sure your ratio of seafood is twice that of the vegetables and it doesnt need to be boiled forever—just enough for the meat and vegetables to stay tender.

Haemul-tang restaurant

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