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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Yukgyejang (Spicy beef soup)

Perfect Food for Hot and Humid Weather,
Yukgyejang (Spicy Beef Soup)

Hot and spicy soup, Yukgyejang make you sweat in the middle of hot summer and that is the charm of this food. Yukgyejang also helps you to recover lost appetite and gives full of energy.

The history of Yukgyejang

Korean always tried to remain healthy from hot and humid whether and improve one¡¯s health by taking tonics. The most famous one is Dog soup. This soup is only enjoyed by certain people. Lot of people think that is unethical, however dog for use of soup is raised separately just like cows and pigs. Also, Korean used beef instead of dog for another people who can not eat dog soup. Yuk form Yukgaejang simply means meat.

What is Yukgaejang?
Yukgaejang is made of red meat of beef boiled with bean sprouts, fernbrake, red pepper, green onions, garlic, soy sauce, oil and pepper. Usually it is served as a soup and eat it with a bowl of rice.
Korean often use this proverb: ¡°Fight fire with fire¡± or ¡°Meet evil with evil¡±. Eating Yukgaejang is an example of this expression. The idea of avoiding and overcoming the heat by eating even hotter soup which is Yukgaejang, is from the wisdom of our ancestors. Yukgaejang is a health food which gives force and energy to out body.

The point of its taste

The key ingredient of Yukgaejang is the red pepper oil. When you make a beef stock with vegetable oil, if you add the red pepper oil makes hot and spicy taste. The best part of the beef is brisket. One more important tip will be using cooked green onions. If you put uncooked green onions into beef stock, the taste might be spoiled because of green onion resin. You may also use chicken instead of beef.

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