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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Kalguksu (Hand-rolled noodles in beef or chicken broth)

Chewy Noodle with Meat Stock, Kalguksu

Kalguksu was only served to high classed population until Choseon period. Nowadays, it became one of the common food which can be easily prepared and cooked.

The origin of Kalguksu
Korean started to eat kalguksu in the beginning of Koryo. The kinds of noodles and its use contained a wide variety since Choseon period. Noodles is one of the most common food these days, however, it used to be really rare and precious food in ancient time.

Korean used to eat noodles (Kuksu) on baby¡¯s first-birthday party and prayed for the five blessings which are longevity, wealth, health, virtue and peaceful death. Kuksu was also used in marriage ceremony by hoping the conjugal love just like chewy and long noodle (hoping the love is endless). On the 60th birth anniversary, they also make noodles, hoping that the life last longer just like a long noodles. These traditional manner continued till nowadays.

After the harvesting season for barley and wheat in May (lunar day), Korean have a traditional custom. That is making Kalkuksu and fried wheat flour and they shared with all the family and neighbors. On that day, people make chicken noodle soup in stock and add some spice in chicken meat with young pumpkin, the taste is excellent. Also, in sea side villages, they made Kuksu in boiling clam. The wheat noodles might be little tough, however, the taste is rather sweet and light.

Home Made Kalkuksu and Its Characteristic
Korean enjoy to eat warm soup of Kalkuksu or Sujeobi (clear soup with dough flakes) when the rainy spell in early summer starts or in the windy day. Kalkuksu¡¯s characteristic is its noodle. You knead dough the flour and press the dough with a push stick. Kalkuksu noodle is more wider than usual noodle and that make Kalkuksu so special. Various ingredients are used and brewed, but chicken and anchovy is mostly used for stock.

The kind of Kalkuksu

There are many different kinds of Kalkuksu. There is Sagol Kalkuksu (with the bones of the four legs of a cow), Mushroom Maeuntang Kalkuksu (with agaric and dropwort), Chicken Kalkuksu (superb combination of chicken and noodle) and Haemul Kalkuksu (with all kinds of sea foods). There is Bajirak Kalkuksu (with short-necked clam) which is also famous.

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