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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Maeun-tang (Pepper-pot soup)

Meun-tang, Pepper Pot Soup

Fish pepper pot soup's taste has a hot and cool taste. Korean people really like the hot taste; they love the harmonious fish and soup joined together.   

This is a good tasting soup to eat anytime, but its also good when drinking. Part of the flavor of pepper pot soup is its cool taste. This soup is also a healthy food, containing fish and vegetables especially parsley. Lots of thick soy-past are mixed with red peppers and powdered red pepper in this soup, that's why the soup is so hot.

Many travelers love this soup as much as Koreans. Pepper pot soup's name contains the name of the fish used, so there is mandarin fish pepper pot soup and catfish pepper pot soup to name only a couple of the more popular flavors in Korea. There is also sweet fish, and mushroom pepper pot soup as well.

Mandarin pepper pot soup is popular, because mandarin fish taste of sesame oil and contain a lot of protein, calcium, iron content and vitamins. Sweet fish, for pepper pot soup, can be found in the Sumjin River. It is a beautiful river in Korea. The sweet fish from other places can't even compare with sweet fish from the Sumjin River.

How to cook pepper pot soup

Put the ingredients in a pot and bring them to a boil. When it starts boiling cover with a lid. You may also put some remedies in pepper pot soup as well. It will help in restoring the health of the body.
Parsley is good in pepper pot soup. The kind to use is "Minari".
Lots of parsley is used in pepper pot soup, because it helps remove the fishy smell of the soup. It also cleans up and neutralizes heavy metals, and protects organs. Parsley is a vegetable that we can say has many healthy properties. Pepper pot soup goes very well with wine. Minar is also good for constipation, because it has lots of fiber.

Freshwater pepper pot soup in Yangpyeong

This place brings freshwater fish from Gyeonggi-do Yeoju and Ganngwon-do Yanggu. This house started cooking pepper pot soups many years ago. They also provide small-fish pepper pot soup. Here you can cook pepper pot soup with freshwater shrimp and snail.

Opening hour Everyday 11:00 ~ 22:00
How to get there Subway line no.4, take off at Sukdae ip-gu station. In front of Chungpa-dong Ssanggul bridge
Tel 02-712-6657

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