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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Memil-makguksu (Cold buckwheat noodles)

Chewy Noodles and Fresh Flavor,
Tasty Stock, Memil-Makkuksu (Buckwheat Noodles)

The most delicate food and most favored food in summer season might be MemilMakkuksu. If you eat noodles mixed with some vinegar and spice, also meat stock with one drop of vinegar after you finish your noodles, that can be the best refreshment for your appetite.

Characteristic of Memil-Makkuksu

¡®Mak¡¯ (from Makkuksu ) means universal. Just by hearing the name of it, you will notice that how this food is universal and popular in Korea. One of the traditional characteristic is that the noodle is made with buckwheat. After making the buckwheat dough, make a noodle from a vermicelli-press. Boil these noodles in water and mix it with all kinds of spice and meat stock. That is MemilMakkuksu.
The noodles and spices are everything to make Makkuksu tasty. There are little differences in each different regions, however its hotness and spiciness are main characteristic.

The Origin of Memil- Makkuksu

Korean used many buckwheat as a food ingredient since Choseon Period. In 1592, there was Japanese (Hideyoshi¡¯s) invasion of Korea and from that time there was a famine in every year in Korea. Korean barely keep alive with the aid of herb roots and tree barks and people were encouraged to plant buckwheat for living. They started to consume buckwheat and make noodles with it. In Choseon period, they made a tiny hole in calabash and made a noodles by pressing the buckwheat dough through that hole.

The origin of the modern Makkuksu is from the slash-and-burn farmers in Taeback mountains, since they used to eat clear soup with buckwheat dough. People enjoyed Makkuksu as snack or night meal during the winter, however it became more popular as a summer refreshment menu.

Why Makkuksu is Prefered

Makkuksu has many positive effects. This is good for cancer and digestive disorder also for geriatric diseases. Many women favor it because it also helps to have a beautiful skin. It was proved that Makkuksu can be used as a treatment for obesity and diabetes as well. Another convenience, everyone can easily enjoy with cheap price.

The kind of Makkuksu

There are many different names of Makkuksu. The most famous one is Chuncheon Makkuksu which is served as cold noodle. In the other hand, there is warm noodles (Onmyeo Makkuksu) which is served in hot meat stock. There are Sanche Makkuksu (Regular Makkuksu with wild green) and pheasant Makkuksu (in pheasant stock soup) which has delicate flavor. There is newly expanding noodle in Seoul down town area, that is Jaengban Makkuksu, noodles on a tray. Lastly, Gungjung Makkuksu (the Royal Court noodles) is popular and it emphasizes Korean traditions.

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