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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Sundae (Traditional sausage with a mixture of bean curd, vegetables, potato noodles)

Sausage made of beef and bean curd stuffed in pig intestine, Sundae

Sundae making procedures are different in each regions of Korea. Various method of Sundae making created various kinds of Sundae too.


Sundae is a sausage made of beef and bean curd stuffed in pig intestine. First of all,   clean properly the pig intestine and fill up the intestine with blood from a slaughtered animal, sticky rice, chopsu, radish, dried radish leaves, tofu and well-minced pork, plus about 30 different kinds of spices. This food shows that Korean live a frugal life in every way.

Nutrition of Sundae

Sundae is one of the traditional food using pork. Sundae is recognized as nourishing food just like every other Korean food. The combined nutritive substances are much better than any other sausages. Sundae especially contains lots of Vitamin B,Iiron and Protein.

The origin of Sundae

Sundae seems to be existed since long time ago, since various cooking method of steam intestines are written in some of old Korean books. Those book explains how to cook mutton and its blood with other spices and some other recipes, for instance, EogyoSundae which is made with fish bladder stuffed with beef, and DoyajiSundae which is made with pork intestine with blood stuffed with chopsu, Japanese parsely, radish, tofu and cabbage Kimchi.

The kinds of Sundae dish

Mongolian used to eat Sundae soup with rice and they also used it as combat ration. They mixed rice and lots of vegetable in the pork intestines. These foods were stored as dried or frozen. Sundae is very easy to carry and to store in the battle. One of the source of sundae is that Mongolian won the battle from invasion because they had Sundae as combat ration.
Sundae can be easily enjoyed in the home as roasted Sundae, fried Sundae, broiled Sundae, squid Sundae roll and many more.


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