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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Bindaetteok (Mung bean pancake), Pajeon (Pancake fried with green onion, sea foods & vegetables)

Bindaetteok, Pajeon

In winter or when it rains, a green-pea pancake called 'Bindaetteok' eaten. It's always tasteful, but it is normal that the idea of eating a food occurred to people as the weather is changed.

'Bindaetteok' is the food that people began to eat when it was cold or when it rains. When it rains, the seats of restaurant are filled by people wanting to eat 'Bindaetteok' and drink 'Makgeolli' (Korean alcohol).         

Bindaetteok is a food made by putting ingredients such as fern brake, green-bean sprouts, squash, onions, cabbage pickles, 'Kimchi', pork, beef, or seafood in a ¡°pancake¡± of green peas.      

People eat it by putting a little bit in spiced soy sauce on it after all the ingredients are cooked together. It's a food like pizza. In ancient times, people made always 'Bindaetteok' when a banquet was given so that a lot people eat. Even now, it is a food that people in the middle class enjoy.

The process of making green-pea pancake is as follows; first, green peas, which have been soaked in water for 4 hours, are ground into a paste. Second, one ladle of the paste is put on a hot griddle and spread in the shape of pizza. After that, when the paste is cooked, various materials such as meat, and kimchi, are placed on the pancake.

Finally, another ladle of the paste, and turns the green-pea pancake until it is fully cooked. With the flavor of various ingredients is mixed with that of the green-pea, it tastes exquisite. That's the characteristic flavor of the green pea pancake.

The green pea pancake is the food that the wives of foreign ambassadors in Korea favor the best among Korean foods according to the results of a questionnaire.

Bindaetteok is also an internationally well-known food. Korean restaurants making green pea pancakes have opened in Japan.               

The green-peas, the main material of green-pea pancake, contain rich fat, but it's known that it is quite easy to digest.    Since the fat that the green-pea pancake contains is unsaturated, one need not worry about the diseases caused to adults, and enzyme action is excellent.

It also contains rich amino acids.    Even traditional oriental medicine says that the green-pea is efficient for the treatment and removal of fever, high blood pressure, and lingering intoxication.   


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