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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Mandu (Dumpling)

Head Shaped Dumplings, Mandu

There are many different kinds of Mandu materials, including flour papers, Kimchi, Meat and etc. in each provinces.

Mandu is the food which came across from China. Jegalgongmyeong (Chinese tactician in great war) offered Mení»s head in ceremony to appease the anger of Heaven. That head was made from flour dough with pork and they made in shape of mení»s head. í«Maní» (from Man Du) means deception and í«Duí» means head, deceiving as if that offering is a real mení»s head and thatí»s how Mandu was named.

That Mandu from China was transmitted in Korea before Koryo period and it still continued expanding nowadays. Fermented flour and meat with vegetables dumpling was called Mandu the old days and boiled or fried beef with flour dough was called Kyoja. However, they only make Kyoja in present time and that is called Mandu in nowadays.

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