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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Japchae (Noodles with meat & vegetables)
  Recommended Restaurants serving Japchae
The Gounnim Restaurant is filled by a splendid smell of bamboo. There, you can eat nutritious Japchae with plain rice a...

Japchae, The food that will satisfy your senses

Japchae is the traditional festive Korean food.   It consists of a mixture of Chinese noodles, vegetables, mushrooms and meat fried together.   It does not have one particular ingredient.   The main ingredient used to cook this dish will decide the name of the Japchae.   For example, if song-i mushroom is used as the main ingredient, then the name will be song-i Japchae.   It can also be Dang-myeon (Chinese noddle) Japchae or buchu (leek) Japchae.

Because of the various vegetables used in the preparation of Japchae, this is actually a very tasty dish, but moreover it is very rich in vitamins and calcium.   It is also fairly easy to cook at home.   This is why this healthy food is just so popular amongst Koreans, and even with Westerners.
Japchae is commonly served up for birthday celebrations and other festivities since it favours both eyes and taste buds, and also because of the harmonious mixture of meat and vegetables.

The main ingredient - Dangmyeon (Chinese noodles) - is either made of starch, potato or sweet potato flour.   The long and thin noodles are supposed to be chewy. They need to be dipped in boiling water for only a few seconds to remain so.

Japchae is no doubt a fine representation of Korean food.   It is a unique dish in which every ingredient reveals its own taste and simultaneously makes a whole new flavour together.
If you are a newcomer to Korea, then the first thing you should do is try Japchae.   It will be good to experience a food that satisfies your visual sense, your sense of smell and your taste buds all at the same time.

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