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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Naengmyeon (Cold noodles)

Naengmyeon, a summer recipe that will definitely cool you off!

"Naengmyeon" means cold noodles, and as the name implies, Naengmyeon are noodles mixed with cold soup.   

Although there are many different ways to make Naengmyeon, it's usually prepared with noodles made of buckwheat with flour and cold soup containing beef, vegetables and boiled eggs.   This cold soup comes from the meat soup after beef or chicken is boiled.   Vinegar, mustard and sugar is added to taste.

Naengmyeon can be cooked in many different ways, and each way gives a unique taste.   The first kind, mentioned above, is called Mul-naengmyeon, and when chili sauce is added rather than cold soup, it is named Bibim-naengmyeon. Sushi-naengmyeon is where several kinds of fish are cut into slices, and as a healthy food, roots of plants are mixed with noodles. This is called, "Chik-naengmyeon".   

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