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Korea's Climate

4 seasons in Korea

Korea¡¯s climate is temperate. There are 4 seasons in Korea, and each season is clearly distinctive.

Spring begins in March, and the climate changes are welcome after the cold winter.   The weather begins to get warmer from April, and it is nice the spring.

Summer begins in June, and it is very hot in summer. The rainfall is also heavy in this season. It is also humid.   From June to July the amount of rainfall accounts for 50% of annual precipitation.   In July and August typhoons blow onto the Korean peninsular.

Autumn begins between September and October. It is cool and dry in autumn. Leaves are tinged with red in autumn, and many people go up mountains to see the beautiful autumnal leaves.

From November to February it is cold and dry. In winter, the weather cycle of 3 cold days and 4 warm days is repeated. Today, many Southeast Asian tourists visit Korea to go skiing or go snowboarding in winter.

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