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Korea is a democratic nation that has politically advocated the cause of democracy for the last 50 years.

Korea regained independence in August of 1945 after overcoming its 35 years of ordeal. But since June 25, 1950 with the invasion of the south, Korea is still suffering from the pain of division of its territory and people.

Although it suffered national tragedy from the Korean War, 1st republic of the Liberals, 2nd republic of the Democrats, 3rd republic of the Republicans, 4th republic after the revolution, after the October 26 affairs in 1980 the 5th and 6th republic onto the 7th republic, civilian government, was established. This was the first in Korean political history after breaking free from the military government.

Korean politics follows the principle of three part that separated as a basis where the legislature, the machinery of law, the Executive each individual administration. Political party is adopted as the political structure where the Administration party and the Opposition party establish the law and important affairs instead of the people. The present 8th republic of President Kim, Dae Jung overcame the IMF crisis and furthermore aim for world of Korea and also working for the unification of Korea.

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