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Korean's eating habit and eating places, the importance of clothing

The appearance and clothing are one of the most important manner for Korean.   More younger they are, casual clothing style is preferred rather than formal clothing. Also, many korean enjoy eating as you may noticed from various kinds of Korean traditional foods.

Proper attire is important in Korea. 76.2% of Korean think that they will be respected and well-treated as long as they are will dressed. 53% of Korean dressed up to show up and to impress others. Depending on Survey in 1999, Daehong marketing plan institute said that this sensitivity is mostly occurred in 20's with 70.7% of women population.

Korean advertising agency "LG aid" surveyed in 1999 and they found out that 80.2% korean prefer to ware casual rather than formal. 90.2% of Korean men and 92% of Korean women in 20's like casual clothing and 58.3% of Korean men and 59% of Korean women in 50's think in same way. 61.7% of population prefer well known, famous brand and 44.% of Korean think that brand name is especially   important for ties and bags.

Korean's eating habit

Korean enjoy eating out. The most of people think that eating is one of the motivation of happiness. Daehong marketing plan institute surveyed and 64.2% of korean rank eating habit as one of the most important matter among all. 53.6% of Korean said that health is the most important thing, 43.2% went for housing life, 15.5% for environmental factors, 13.6% for clothing and 9.8% for leisures.

Depending on result of the survey from the survey company, "Research and Research" in 1999, 70.4% of Korean prefer western food as eating out menu, rather than Korean food. However, Japanese said that they would go for Japanese food. 40% of Korean consider them-selves as gourmet and 86% of them are satisfied with it.

Also, based on Korean food center, 51.8% of the restaurants are Korean, 2.9% are Japanese, 5.1% are westerner, 6.2% are Chinese, 9.5% of fast food restaurant and 24.3% are bars and pubs. These are the survey results from Korean food center and food research institution of Korea in 1999.

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