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Bus, Limousine

 Limousine Bus 
To Seoul
*Gimpo Airport 3A,11A  Incheon & Gimpo Int'l airport

*Korea City Air Terminal (KCAT) 3A,11A  Incheon Int'l airport, Samsung station

*Nowon, Dobong 3B, 10B  Incheon & Gimpo Int'l airport, Gilum station, Dongduk Womens Univ. station, Taerung-ipgu station, Hagye station, Junggye station, Nowon station, Changdong station, Sophia Hotel, Banghak-dong
For more Information : 02-551-0077~8

*Gangnam Terminal 4B,9B  Incheon Int'l airport, Gangnam Terminal
For more Information : 02-6282-0606

*Seoul station 4B, 9B  Incheon Int'l airport, Seoul station
For more Information : 02-6282-3003~4

*Hannam-dong(Itaewon) 5A,10B  Incheon Int'l airport, Yeouido station, 63 building, Dongbu Ichon-dong, Seobinggo-dong, Capital Hotel, Crown Hotel, Hamilton Hotel, Itaewon Hotel, Hannam-dong
For more Information : 02-577-1343~5

*City hall 4A,10A  Incheon&Gimpo Int'l airport, Koreana Hotel, Plaza Hotel, Lotte Hote, Chosun Hotel, Seosomun KAL building

*Namsan 4A,10A  Incheon & Gimpo Int'l airport, Tower Hotel, Ambassador Hotel, Shilla Hotel, Hyatt Hotel, Hilton Hotel, Seoul station, Holiday Inn Seoul Hotel

*Gangnam 4A,10A  Incheon & Gimpo Int'l airport, Place Hotel, Ritz Carlton Hotel, Novotel Hotel, Renaissance Hotel, Grand Inter-Continental Hotel, Coex Inter-Continental Hotel
Jamshil 4B,9B  Incheon & Gimpo Int'l airport, Lotte World Hotel, DongSeoul Terminal, WalkerHill Hotel
For more Information : 02-2667-0386~89

 Seat Bus 
To Seoul
*Yeongdeungpo (No.300, Yeongdeungpo station No.608) 6B,13A  Incheon Int'l airport, Gyesan station, Gimpo airport, Songjeong station, Balsan station, Gangseo public health center, Yeomchang-dong, Dangsan station, Yeongdeungpo station
For more Information : 032-746-6321/2

*Jamshil (No.600) 5B,12A  Incheon & Gimpo Int'l airport, Balsan station, North Talja Hotel, Gangseo public health center, River Park Hotel, Jungang Univ., Palace Hotel, Express Bus Terminal, Samjeong Hotel, New World Hotel, AID apt., Samsung station, Sport Complex station, Jamshil station
For more Information : 02-664-9898~9776

*Dongdaemun (No.601) 6A,12B  Incheon & Gimpo Int'l airport, Songjeong station, Naebalsan souvenir street, River Park Hotel, Hapjeong station, Shinchon subway station, Ewha Womens Univ., Chungjeongno, Seoul station, City Hall, Koreana Hotel, Jongno 2-ga, Jongno 3-ga, Jongno 4-ga, Dongdaemun Market

*Cheongnyangni (No.602) 6A,12B  Incheon Int'l airport, Hapjeong station, Seogyo Hotel, Hapjeong station, Seogyo Hotel, Shinchon subway station, Ewha Womens Univ., Chungjeongno, Gwanghwamun, Jongno 2-ga, Jongno 3-ga, Dongdaemun, Shinseol-dong, Cheongnyangni

*Seodaemun (No.602-1) 6A,12B  Incheon Int'l airport, World Cup Stadium, Seongsan Hoegwan, Seodaemun Ward Office, Swiss Grand Hotel, Muakjae, Gyeongbok-gund, Anguk-dong, Daehangno

*Guro (No.603) 6A,12B  Incheon Int'l airport, Gimpo airport, Mok-dong, Mok-dong station, Galsan elementary school, Guro station

*Geumcheon Ward Office (No.604) 6A,12B  Incheon Int'l airport, Shinwol Jeongsujang, Cargo Terminal, Gaebong station, Gasan Post Office, Novotel Doksan Geumcheon Ward Office

*Cheonho-dong (No.606) 5B,12A  Incheon Int'l airport, Apgujeong-dong, Gelleria dept., Cheongdam-dong, Riviera Hotel, Samsung station, Sports Complex station, Jamshil Lotte World, Olympic Parktel, Cheonho station, Dunchon station, Olympic Park

*City Hall (No.605) 6B,13A  Incheon Int'l airport, Mapo, Gongdeok-dong, Mapo Police station, Chungjeongno, Gyeonghui-gung, Gwanghwamun, City Hall
For more Information : 02-662-2592~3

*Myeongdong (No.605-1) 6B,13A  Incheon Int'l airport, Mapo station, Gongdeok station, Mapo Police station, Chungjeongno station, Gwanghwamun, Jonggak station, Jongno 2-ga, Myeong-dong, Hoehyeon station, Manri-dong
For more Information : 02-662-2592~3

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