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Taxi Service

 Taxi Service 

Regular Taxi

Deluxe Taxi

Large-sized Taxi
Taxi stops are infront of each passenger terminal gates.

Regular Taxi : The rates are caculated depending on the distance and time, The first 2km is 1,600won and for every 210m, 100won is added to the basic fare.24:00~04:00 Charges 20% more

Deluxe Taxi : A black taxi with a yellow roof with the sign "Deluxe Taxi" on it. You can get better service such as the usage of car-phone, getting receipt etc. The first 3km is 4,000won adds 200win for every 250m after that.

Large-sized Taxi : The first 3km is 4,000won adds 200won for every 250m after that.

Not include High way fee

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