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Parking Information

 Parking Info. 
Short Term Parking

Long Term Parking

For one day parking
(for 24 hours)

Cargo Terminal
-Parking-lot : Under ground 1, 2, 3 and Ground Parking
-Capacity of parking space : 5,000 cars
(small size)
-Parking Fee : 1,200won for 30-min., standard. 600won for every 15-min., increment 28,800won for 12~24 hours

-Parking-lot : Outside Parking
-Capacity of parking place : Parking 5,200 small-sized and 700 large-sized cars
-Parking Fee : Small-sized : 1,000won per hour(Up to 8 hours). 8,000won for 8~24 hours

Equal fee scheme repeatedly applied
-Large-sized : 2,000won per hour(Up to 10 hours). 20,000won for 10~24 hours

-Small-sized : 500won every 15-min.
-Large-sized : 400won every 15-min.(Only up to a hour)

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