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Gimpo Int'l Airport

 How to use KCAT 
1. Check-in

2. Customs

3. Security Inspection

4. Immigration

5. Boarding
Check-in service, boarding pass, seat assignment and baggage consignment are available conveniently at the airline counters of KCAT.
In passengers should finish procedures one hurs and forty minutes prior to flight departure.
Operating hours : 05:20~18:30

If a Korean National is exporting and returning to Korea with a high-value item during overseas trip, the item or items must be declared to customs on departure.

Passengers will be inspected for dangerous goods which will include a check for any restricted items.

At the departure immigration, present your passport, boarding pass and departure card. After immigration, check the boarding gate and if time permits, enjoy shopping in the Duty Free area.

Board the aircraft when instructed, at 40 minutes before departure.

 Limousine Service 
Bus stops

Operating time

Single fare

Time to destination
*Stop no.1 outside of Gimpo Int'l Airport Domestic Terminal
*Stop no.4, 20 the 1st floor of Incheon Int'l Airport

04:40 ~ 22:59
*From Gimpo Int'l Airport to Incheon Int'l Airport : 04:40 ~ 22:09
*From Incheon Int'l Airport to Gimpo Int'l Airport : 05:50 ~ 22:29
*Operating Interval : Every 5 ~ 10 minutes

6,000 won for adult

approximately 40 minutes to Incheon Int'l Airport

 What's in KCAT 


Provide service that needs for departure in international building before.

Passenger Service Charge ticket office and ticket office for Limousine, bus stops, Shinhan bank, phone booth, slot[vending] machine and smoking room.

Check-in counter of Korean Air and Asiana Airlines, customhouse, inspection under the Immigration Law place, change booth(Chohung bank, Korea exchange bank), drugstore, snank store, Incheon Int'l airport departure FIDS, phone booth, soft drink slot machine and smoking room

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