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 Home >> What to Eat >> Korean food >> Galbi (Broiled beef ribs), Bulgogi ( Roast beef)
63 Roof Garden
We are especially proud of our seasoned and original flavored ribs, cooked over a charcoal brazier. They are sure to please anyone¡¯s culinary taste.
Only the very best ribs imported directly from North America are used and they undergo a unique maturing period and freezing process. The quality of meat is second to none.



Korean cuisine table course 35,000~60,000won, Galbi 18,000won, Flavored galbi 14,500won

11:30~10:00 (No holidays)

$, Yen


Get off at Daebang station (line 1) and take the bus (no. 823) or shuttle bus to the 63 building, otherwise get off at Yeouinaru station of line 5 and get on the bus no. 70, 48,720
(60 Yeouido-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu Seoul)

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