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Butler is rather a small bar, but its selection of beers from around the world is big.   You will find original black beer, red beer and many other beers to taste and experience.   

German beers seem to have a bitter taste at first, but as you drink more, you will begin to appreciate its good strong taste.   Japanese beer is fresh and cool.   American beer, which tends to have a least bitterness, is very soft and smooth.   As you can see, there are all kinds of beer with many different tastes at Butler.   They are arranged in the in the middle of the bar for   customers to choose from.   Famous brand Whiskeys are also available.

The bar, decorated American style, is located on the 4th floor so that you can enjoy the views of the streets of Daehangno from the windows.



Guiness 10,000won, Girin beer 8,000won, San Miguel 8,000won, High Necan 5,500won, Beer 5,000~6,000won, Appitazers 7,000~15,000won

15:00~02:00 (No holidays)

Exit no. 1 at Hyehwa station of line 4, walk 150m towards Dongsung Art Hall direction, in the J&B C-space building 4F
(1-35 Dongsung-dong Jongno-gu Seoul)
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