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Yongpyong Youth Hostel
Yongpyong youth hostel is located at Yongpyong resort and capability is 762 persons. During the winter ski camps open. There are swimming pool, pocket ball center, golf course and so on.
The youth hostel is surrounded Mt Odae, temple woljeong, Gyeongpodae beach and so on.

Yongpyong Resort, since its opening in 1975 with a view to creating "harmony between people and
nature" as the first ski resort in this country,is equipped with the largest facilities located on the


033-335-5757, Seoul Office 02-2270-6622

(Members) Youth 7,000won, Adults9,000won, Family 45,000┐°won(group) Students 19,000won, Adults 21,000won

No holidays


Take a bus from Seoul's Sangbong inter-city bus terminal, Free shutle buses make the run from Sokcho (02-2270-6622)
(130 Yongsanri Doammyeon Pyeongchanggun Gangwon-do)

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