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Gangchon Youth Hostel
We can accomodate up to 196 people and welcome families, students and travellers. We are located near many places of interest such as Gugok waterfall, Deungseon waterfall, Uiam dam, Nami Island, Cheongpyeongsa, Munbae village, Jungdo, Mt.Samaksan, Mt.Geombongsan, Mt.Bonghwasan. There are many activities to enjoy such as hiking, cycling and even bungee jumping.



(Member) Teenager 8,000won, Adult 14,300won, Family room 45,000won (Group) Elementary, Middle, High sclooer 20,000won, Adult 24,000won

No holidays

Take the train to Chuncheon in Cheongnyangni station, 15 minutes by foot or get on the bus to Chuncheon(bus no. 50) then get off at Ganchon station, walk 15 minutes toward to Gugok waterfall (366 Gangchon-ri Namsan-myeon, Chuncheon-si Gangwon)

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