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Doonnae Youth Hostel
With a swimming pool, snow sled, bowling, natural wood halls and so on, the Doonnae Youth Hostel is a place to wind down from the stresses of Seoul life.   Its capacity is about 898 guests, and visitors can use log cabins (30 cabins) and the large wooded camp fire area.
The youth hostel is surrounded by the Seongwoo Ski Resort, Phoenix Park and Ohdae Temple on Woljeong, and is great for summer, as well as winter activities.


033-343-6488, 02-732-3311

(Member) Youth 9,000won, Adults 12,000won, Family 50,000won (Group) High, Middle, Elementary students 21,500won, Adults 27,000 (a log cabin) 90,000~120,000won

No Holiday


Take a bus from Gangnam Express bus terminal to Woju
(1140 Sabkyori, Dunnaemyeon, hoeng seoung gun, Gangwon Province)

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