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Chongdong Theater
Established in 1995, Chongdong Theater has developed various art & culture programs under the three principles of its founding: re-discovery and development of Korean traditional performing arts, introduction of traditional culture into Korean daily life, and iInvestment in cultural events for students.

For the first time as a theater Chongdong Theater established the Korean traditional performance permanently in February 1997. Chongdong Theater classified the Korean traditional performing arts into 4 categories; dance, pungmul, vocal and traditional music.
"The Sound of Korea, the Beat of Korea and the Movement of Korea," is a special program for foreigners to experience the lively sounds of Korean culture. Recommended as a tourist cultural program, it is also very popular with Korean audiences. This colorful spectacle of dance and music is performed in traditional costumes by a resident art group, whose performers have been declared human culture assets. You are sure to experience the true spirit of Korean tradition.

Title of Performance
Every Tuesday¡¤Thursday¡¤Saturday is Fan Dance, Samdo Seoljanggu, Pansori, Salpuri, Samdo Pungmulgut, Seungmu(Buddhist Dance), Pangut

Every Wednesday¡¤Friday¡¤Sunday is Hwhagwanmu, Gayageum Byeongchang, Samdo Pungmulgut, Piri Solo, Janggu Dance,



08:00~21:30 (Closed on Mondays)

S seat 30,000won, A seat 20,000won


Exit no. 1 at City Hall station on line 1 or exit no. 12 at City Hall station on line 2, then walk along Deoksugung Palace path.
(8-11 Jeong-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul)

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