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Go Human Engineering
A premier executive search firm based in Seoul, Korea, Kohˇ¤Human Engineering guarantees all types and sizes of companies to meet their every human resources need. Likewise, executive applicants will be assured the best match with a company that will respect his or her experience and vision.

To survive and succeed in today's ever-changing business environment, companies need the very best pool of human talent. Among other things, an executive will have to have a distinctive vision for the company and the world. Equipped with outstanding expertise and experience, he/she will set up definite yet flexible short and long-range objectives for the company he/she will be working for.

Kohˇ¤Human Engineering --The One Human Resources Center You Can Count On When You Need It and Where You Need It Most Around the World!




Exit no. 3 at Yangjae station on line 3, walk 15 minutes to Gangnam bridge
(201 Jinsan building, 272-4 Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu Seoul)

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