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Yongpyeon Ski Resort, Blast away those winter blues
with a visit to your local ski resort.


Yongpyeon ski resort is a mecca for all ski enthusiasts. It has an altitude of 1459m and is located under the hill of Balwang mountain. The average snowfall is 250cm from mid November to the beginning of April.

This ski resort was established in 1975 and its modern equipment and accommodation quickly became famous among ski fans. The World Cup Ski and East Asian Games were held here as it is widely recognized for its facilities.

There are many different kinds of courses, for instance the Rainbow slope, and 27 others. The lift is 3.7km long.
A hotel, condominiums, and other kinds of accommodation are available as are two golf courses and many other leisure facilities.


Lift passes week days 39,000won, half day (morning/afternoon) 29,000won/ night 25,000won/ one session 6,000won/ afternoon-night (afternoon+night) 49,000won,/night-morning (night+morning) 49,000won/ one day (morning+afternoon+night) 55,000won


Regular service (Gyeonggi Daewon express bus 02-2201-7710)
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