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Alps Chalet

Alps Chalet is a Swiss restaurant that serves fondue. Fondue is melted cheese served in a warm pot into which you dip skewers of bread, meat and vegetables. At the Alps Chalet their delicious fondue is made with imported Swiss cheese.

Switezerland is a beautiful snowy mountainous country famous for its milk products such as cheese, butter and chocolate. Fondue origionates from the time when certain cheeses were quite tough, so shepherds sat in their mountain cabins trying to soften it by boiling it in a pan over a log fire and dipping their bread into it. It's similar to Jeongol which Koreans like to share together.

The Alps Chalet also serves a dis called 'Raclette Classic' which is Raclette cheese melted over potato. The cheese has a uniquely delicious smell and taste and is also full of amino acids and calcium. The Alps Chalet imports Raclette and other delicious cheeses from Switzerland which you can enjoy in the restaurant or buy to take away.

The restaurant also serves a range of wines imported from Switzerland which are hard to find elsewhere. The wine selection includes Fendant, Ermatage and Dole. You are welcome to try these wines to enjoy with your meal.

Alps Chalet is located in the alley next to the Adidas store, across from the Galleria Department Store in Apgujeong-dong on line no.3.



Raclette lunch 6,000won, Fondue Cheese(for 1 person)18,000won, Raclette for one person 15,000won

11:00~23:00 (No holidays)

Located inside of alley next to Adidas store, where is across from Galleria Department in Apgujeong-dong of line no.3.
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