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Carnestation is family restaurant. It is buffet style so you pay a set amount and then eat as much as you like.
Carne means "beef" in Spanish. We serve around many different meats and pizzas with fresh fruit for desert.
We have 2 different kinds of menu. The lunch menu is served 11:00~16:00, and the dinner menu is 16:00~22:30.
You can have all kinds of meats, fruits, vegetables and coffee although we do impose a drinks limit on the lunch menu. There is no limit on the dinner menu. You can have unlimited meats, fruits, vegetables, coffee, whisky, beer, wine etc.

Parties and meetings can be accomodated here.

Gangnam station


Lunch course 11,000won, 27,500won, Dinner course 20,000~40,000won

11:00~22:20 (No holidays)


Exit no. 6 at Gangnam station on line 2, across from Seocho Elementary School; in the Seongwu Academy bldg. B1

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