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Walking Tour, Course 3

Started from line no. 1 Jonggak station. Get off at Subway line no. 4 at HoeHyeon station, line no. 1 at Seoul station
The place where the New Year bell rings on every year.

Millenium Plaza
A little fashion town located at the Jonggak subway station(red line). There are clothes, household goods, stationary stores, and various events taking place on floor B2. And on floor B1, there is a food court providing foods from all around the world.

Jogyesa is a 15 minute walk away from the Jonggak subway station(red line, exit no. 2). Even though the temple has a history of 60 years, it has a great historical background by having gone through honor and disgrace in the Korean modern Buddhist history.

A 5 minute walk across from the Jogyesa temple. Insa-dong is a cultural street where the past and present coexist. There are many art exhibitions, antique stores, traditional tea shops, restaurants, and traditional bars.

Topgol Park
Topgol Park is a 3 minute walk away from the Hollywood movie theater, next to Insa-dong. And a 15 minute walk away from the Unhyeon Palace. Tapgol Park is a historical sight where the Independence Movement Statement was announced in 1919.   The main attractions are Palgak-jeong, 10-stories Wongaksaji stone tower (national treasure number 2), and Wongaksabi (national treasure number 3).

It is located a 15 minute walk away from Topgol Park past Hollywood Movie Theater.   Or 10 minute walk after turning on right at the corner of Crown Bakery in Insa-dong.   This palace was the residence of Daewongun, Ha-eung Lee (Father of Go-jong, a king of Joseon Dynasty), and various traditional events are held everyday.   Especially, on every Saturday and Sunday the wedding ceremony of Joseon Dynasty is performed. Monday off.

Changdeok-gung, Biwon
A ten minute walk from Unhyeong-gung past Japanese Cultural Center.   As one of the world's greatest heritages UNESCO picked Changdeok-gung due to its long historical background and beautiful gardens inside the palace.
This is the only place with limited time of tour.   Japanese speaking tours begin at 10:30, 12:30, 14:30, and 16:30; English speaking tours begins at 11:30, 13:30, and 15:30 (open everyday)

Turn left as you exit Topgol Park and Jongmyo is located about 15 minute walk away.   This is where all the ceremonies for kings of Joseon Dynasty took place, such as Jongmyo Jeongjeon, Yeongnyeong-jeon.   Jongmyo is registered as one of the greatest heritages in the world by UNESCO.
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