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Walking Tour, Course 1

Started from line no. 5 Gwanghwamun station
Kyobo Book Center
Kyobo Book Center is connected with Gwanghwamun station of subway line 5.   It has the biggest size as an independent bookstore.   It possesses about 2,300,000 Korean and foreign books.   It is also a general cultural place that has fresh and clean atmosphere in the middle of the city.      

Sejong Cultural Center
Sejong Cultural Center is located across Kyobo Book Center.   It's a general cultural place opened in 1978.   It consists of 6 stories above and 3 stories under the ground.   Internationally or nationally well known performances satisfy cultural desire.   Water fountain festival provide exhilarant cultural experience   to those who get tired from working hard during Spring and Autumn, and Saturdays performance give teenagers a good chance to experience supreme art in cheap price.

Government Complex
As you are facing Kyobo Book Center, walk to your right side for 5 minutes to get there.   Korea's major administrative businesses are being taken of in the place.   

The National Museum
The National Museum is located inside the big gate of a palace on the right side of Government Complex.   It only takes about five minutes to get there from Government Complex.   The National Museum contains about 100,000 items about Korean's history, archeology, history of art, customs and many others in its exhibition rooms on 2nd,3rd and 4th floor.   There are about 7,000 possessions, 21 exhibition rooms and 2 specially planned exhibition rooms.   It does not only have exhibitions but also classes of foreign cultures.   

To get to Gyeongbok-gung, you have to walk for 5 minutes from The National Museum toward Insa-dong.   Gyeongbok-gung is a symbolic palace of Joseon Dynasty.   Taejo Lee Seong-gye who founded Joseon Dynasty built it in 1394.   

It took 10 months to be constructed by mobilizing Buddhist monks from all over the country and about 15,000 people.   Mt. Nak-san, Mt. Inwang-san and Mt. Bugak-san that makes Gyeongbok-gung auspicious according to geomancy surround Gyeongbok-gung.   During Teajo's time, it was completed with 390 parts and later reconstructed even bigger.   However, it was burn down during Imjinwaeran War and restored in 1865 at the end of Joseon Dynasty.   

Cheongwadae is 15 minutes away form Gyeongbok-gung by walking.   On the way to Cheongwadae from Gyeongbok-gung, you will pass the National Folk Museum.   The left side of Jinseongbuk cafe is Cheongwadae-gil(road), and the right side is Samcheong-dong-gil.   Kim Dae Jung, president of Korea who won the novel peace prize this year lives at works in Cheongwadae.   

Samcheong Park
To get to Samcheong Park, walk for about 5 minutes from Cheongwadae and pass by Jinseongbuk cafe.   It is a green place within the city with a mineral water spring in it.   There is a badminton court, tennis court and a winding walking road which is popular among couples.
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