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Korean National Holidays

Koreas big national holidays are New years day(Seolnal/1st of Jan. of the lunar calendar), Sikmokil(as 5th of April of the lunar), Seokgatansinil(birthday of Buddha, 8th of April), Children's day(5th of may), Hyeonchungil(6th of June), Jehunjeol(17th of July), Independent day(15th of August), Gecheonjeol(3rd of October) and Christmas day(25th of December).
New years day is also celebrated on the solar calendar.   Samiljeol is the day of the independence movement in 1st of March 1919. Sikmokil, Korean Arbor Day; which, day of planting trees.

Seokgatansinil is the birthday of Buddha. Christmas is celebrated as well. Children's day made by ¡®Saekdonghoe¡¯, it began in 1922; Hyeonchungil is the holiday set aside for the memorial of people who fought for our country.

Gwangbokjeol is the day that Korea gained its independence (Independent day), Korea were for colonized 35 years by Japan and the day of independence is on the 15th of August in 1945. Chuseok is a celebration for harvest, as well as a time to give gifts of foods and special thanks to our ancestors.

These holidays, especially Seolnal(new year day), Chuseok and the birthday of Buddha are tradition holidays, while Seolnal and Chuseok is biggest holiday in Korea.
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