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 Home >> Korean Cuisine >> Seolleong-tang (Beef soup with rice or fork)
Rich and Thick Taste, Seolleongtang

Seolleongtang is meat stock of cows head, foot of cow, beef, bone and intestines after boiling long time. The color of broth is white and the taste is thick and strong.
There are several origins of Seolleongtang. One of them came from the ceremony of Royal Plowing. After the king of Joseon finished performing the ceremony, people prepared rice and soup with proc and beef. They distributed to elders who are more than 60 years old among the visitors.

The king of Joseon, Sejong was attending the ceremony but it was raining so hard that the king could not go anywhere. He got so hungry then servants had to prepare some food and they made a soup with a cow which was offered in ceremony. That is another origin of Seolleongtang and this was published in Joseon gastrology.

Seolleongtang became so famous and a lot of Korean food restaurant start to put on their menu since very early time. In the restaurants, they always prepare two or three beef stew pot and slices of boiled beef on the side. So whenever customers order Seolleongtang, it was more quicker to serve properly. They put rice in the earthen bowl (Kroean traditional ware which keeps heat more longer) and add hot beef stew. This was served with slices of beef and some noodles.

Chopped green onions, salt, pepper and red pepper can be added depending on each persons taste. These spices are always on the side because of different tastes of each individuals. Sliced radish Kimchi is combined with Seolleogtang more often than Kimchi.
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