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Korean Bathing Culture

Have you ever been to public bath in Korea? There is something special about Korean bathing culture. Public bathing is a strange concept to foreigners, but for Koreans it is an enjoyable experience.
Korean culture have always celebrated the process of cleansing the body and thereby the soul, but public baths have only been in existence since about 1925. Prior to this Koreans were cautious of taking their cloths off in front of total strangers. However, when public baths opened they soon became popular.

"Polishers" at the baths scrub and wash people's backs combining this action with massage designed to relieve fatigue.

This polishing culture recently became famous and many foreigners come to Korea just to experience Korean Bathing. There are now various polishing techniques and related products, one popular example is the massage using oil and soap. There are many institutes where massage lesson are given. Even a polisher with 10 years experience will go back to these special lessons.   Koreans also enjoy public bathing as it provides a meeting spot and brings people even closer to each other. Scrubing a friends back is seen as a kind of ritual.

For more information: spa.infoweb.co.kr
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