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Beer, Universal Drink for Korean

Almost every modern people enjoy drinking liquor theses days. One glass of beer can have different meaning in each cases. Drinking sometimes helps to break the ice between people and helps to relax too. Each country has different drinking manners. Let's learn about Korean drinking etiquette.
Korean like drinking. Depending on result of the survey from the survey company, "Research and Research", 26% of Korean think them selves as a habitual drinker and 73% of them said that they were happy by drinking.

DaeHong marketing plan research institute of Korea did a survey on korean's drinking habit. Beer was first with 36.9% and second was Soju (24.1%) and the draft beer(5.1%) was last. 31.1% of Korean drink with out any special occasion. Korean drinks 5.3 times in each month in average. Married men who are 45 years old and older drink 8.5 times per month. Single women who are 20 years old and younger drink about 3.8 times per month in average.

Korean advertising agency "LG aid" surveyed in 1999. 34.5% of korean drink until they get drunk and 62.2% of korean drink of second rounds and more. Also, 66.1% of korean were actually enforced to drink by others and that's why 60.6% of korean think that offering a drink is not desirable.

74.7% of korean know how to drink. And people who work in management and administration have the most of drinking with 93.4%. The result of survey also gave that an income group of 4,000,000 won and more, drink the most with 85%.

74% of Korean has the first experience of drinking after high school and 25.5% had before high school. About half of population learned drinking through friends and only 23.5% of Korean learned from their parents or relatives.
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