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Korea, 25th Country with Large Population

Let's learn about Korean population through demographics and korean average span of human life. Korea is one of the county which has the most of population. Korea has a population of 47,275,000 and ranks 25th in world wide. The sum of two koreas (north and south) ranks 15th position with 69,450,000. Also, Korea is third populous country after Bangladesh and Taiwan.
The birthrate of korea in 1975 is 3.4 in average which is much higher than those advanced countries. However, the birthrate decreased and in 1995, it was 1.6 in average which can be reasonable number of birthrate in comparing with other advanced countries. For instance, 1.6 in canada, 2.0 in U.S.A, 1.7 in France, and 1.6 in Sweden. Another fact arises, the average age of marrying is changing. People used get marry in very early age, however in 1985, one survey said that the average age of men getting married is 27 and 24.1 for women and 29 years old for men and 26.2 for women in 1998. Therefore, people tend to marry later than they used to. This also proved the active social lives, high education and working life styles.

The idea of preferring boys

Korea has very strong beliefs in Confucian ideas, specially preferring boys instead of girls. Therefore, delivering a boy was more than one's expectation, it became a serious social issue. Almost everyone tries to bear many boy as possible instead of girls by trying all kinds of methods.

However, in 1980's there were many changes in industry and civilizations, the confucian ideas also changed. They prefer to have small number of family members not like before. Korean family and their birthrate became more and more stable.

The preference of male issue became more stable nowadays, however, there are still big gap between girl population and boy population. In 1993, boy's birthrate of every 100 girl was very high with 115.3 and in 1998 it was 110.2 which was declined, but it is considered to be still high.

Korean average span of human life
Korean average span of life is 74.4 years old in 1997, which is 12years higher than in 1971 (62.3years old). In 1997, average life span was 70.6 for men and 78.1 for women. This is from developed medical treatment and health care. Also, health insurance can be another reason of longer life span.

The longest life span for male was Japan (77 years old), Sweden (76.5 years old), Iceland (76.2 years old) and for women, Japan (83.6 years old), Swiss (81.9 years old) and France (81.9 years old). Korean men's life span was about same as Slovakia (70.8 years old) and for women, same as Chile (78.1 years old). Starting from 2000, korean society has 7 % of elders which can be included in Aging society and we foretell to be 14% of elder population in 2022.
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