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Korean Traditional Liquor

Korean traditional drink refer to a flavored spirit. The flavoring agent in the drink, which can be rice, herbs, seeds and special ingredients
Koreans drink a variety of flavored spirits, among which rice, herbs like ginseng, seeds and other unique ingredients are added to the alcohol.   

Makkolli is the traditional drink of farmers, who usually drink it after finishing their work in the fields. Its a milky white brew made from rice, with a slightly sour taste.   

Dong Dong Ju is also made from sticky rice, but is not as rich and tastes a little sweet.

Cheong Ju is divided into many different types, namely Beob Ju, Baesoju, Ginseng Ju and so on.   Baeseoju is made with 10 ingredients such as sticky rice and a mixture of fruits and other herbs.   Its actually quite tasty.

Soju is the most highly regarded Korean drink in the world (or at least the most famous). There are several brands, Jinro, Green, Chamiseul, etc. - the latter tasting a little more bearable.   Koreans usually drink it straight in shots, with grilled meat, though there is a growing number who drink it as a cocktail to cut the bite.   Lemon soju is popular and pretty good.   

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